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AMI Ministerio Centro de Cobán exists to intervene in the lives of the children and youth of Aldea Siguanha and Cobán, through Christ-centered ministries and enrichment educational programs. Three ministries operate under the AMI Ministry Center: Iglesia La Gracia, AMI International School, and AMI Clínica Amistad.

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By Grace through Faith

Our Mission is to form Christian leaders through education and spiritual formation to serve and transform Guatemala.
Our Vision is to transform Guatemala and expand the Kingdom of God throughout the nations.

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AMI Centro de Ministerio was founded in 2017 by Missionary John Chinso Kim through Remnant Church, a member of Acts Ministries International, in New York, NY, USA. The center was established in hopes that it would become a place where children could safely play, learn to love Jesus, and receive a strong spiritual and academic formation. 


The ministry center is also part of Acts Ministries International, which is a community of churches seeking to model the spirituality, vision, and partnership exemplified in the book of Acts. Learn more about AMI by clicking the button below.

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